What Differentiates a Good Collections Solution from a Bad One?

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One of the top concerns for many accounts receivable managers is collecting and organizing financial data, while staying within the legal and regulatory rules of the industry. The pressure is on to increase the bottom line, which has more managers turning to technological solutions.

Agencies have a lot of software options available to help do the job right—both in terms of efficiency and with regulatory acumen. We’re pretty proud of our solution, AJILITY. Ajility is a collections dashboard that combines into one program daily collections tasks, litigation costs and support, and healthcare medical receivables. It was developed with a lot of those concerns — collecting and organizing financial data, while staying within the legal and regulatory rules of the industry — in mind.

We asked industry experts, who know the ins and outs of collections, the benefits of using Ajility for tracking and performing day-to-day accounts receivable. Below are the top five:

1. You can use Ajility to create specific categories of work for specific times during the day.

2. Ad-hoc exports in Ajility automatically figure out data relationships for you. You just pick the fields to export; Ajility knows how they are related.

3. Ajility enables you to integrate your legal case calendar items with your Outlook calendar.

4. Content of screens when working a packet can be configured by your agency to display what you want to see.

5. Keyboard shortcuts in Ajility help to reduce time for common activities when working a packet.

If you’re already using Ajility, you might want to try these functions to increase efficiency and productivity. If using a different program, you should consider whether your current solution offers these options. Switching to Ajility may be a better suited for your collections workflow.

We welcome any questions or feedback and hope to connect and take your accounts receivable management to the next level.

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