Tips to Get the Most Out of UltimateAnalytics

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If you’ve had a chance to spend some time with our integrated analytics package, UltimateAnalytics, you know that it can do a lot towards helping your agency work the right accounts with greater ease and fewer costs. But with all that UltimateAnalytics is capable of doing, we know that there might be a few things that may have slipped under your radar.

To get some additional insights, we went to our amazing tech team at The Intelitech Group and asked them for some insider tips. Here’s what they shared with us:

  • Did you know our UltimateAnalytics is hosted in a cloud based environment and can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection?

  • Try using the search field to save time searching for reports in Business Objects.  The search field is located at the top of the folder navigation pane.

  • In RECALL use debtor 76.6 to verify whether an account has been processed in UltimateAnalytics.

  • Share reports across multiple accounts by placing them in the folder labeled “share” under the public folders folder

  • You can save time by changing the default start page to the page of your choice under the preferences button in the upper right hand corner of Business Objects

  • Data Services includes four primary areas: Bankruptcy, deceased, phones, and addresses.

Hopefully you found those tips helpful! If you have any questions about these tips or anything else about UltimateAnalytics, don’t hesitate to contact your Columbia Ultimate account manager. They’ll be happy to share with you even more insights into this amazing analytics solution.

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