Don’t Forget About Your Marketing Goals

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If you find yourself saying “It’s July already?” you might want to keep reading. With half of the year already gone and the official start of Q3, now is a great time to review your marketing goals for the year. What did you want to accomplish? Have you started yet? It’s OK – we are all human- and it really is easy to get swept up in our day-to-day.

You might be surprised, though, at how much you may have already accomplished here at the mid-year point. You have probably made some new business contacts. See all those cards sitting in a pile on the edge of your desk? Those are full of potential. You might have even engaged in new forms of marketing, like content marketing, and may not even know it. That really is great news.

Whatever your goals might have been, you still have time! Here are a few tips and tricks that you should utilize to ensure you hit your marketing objectives:

  • Setting reasonable expectations before you start – Maybe you need to split up your yearlong goals into more attainable chunks, like quarterly goals. Maybe you need another set of hands on board to help. Or maybe your yearly goals need to be spread out among 5 years. Whatever is within your means in order to get the work done, set the expectations up front.
  • Predict work involved ahead of time – For example, in order to promote a new service offering, company expansion, or product launch, you probably need a way to get that information out there to your clients and prospects. This means that you need new marketing materials. Foreseeing the work involved ahead of time will help you avoid surprises, wasted time, and panic attacks. Of course we cannot predict the future, but being smarter with your needs and objectives can prove worthy in the long run.
  • Follow through with your initiatives – Did you decide to start up a blog at the beginning of the year? When is the last time you posted? One key element in achieving your goals is sticking with your initial decisions. Any marketing initiative must be kept relevant, up to date, and fresh. Just like bread, once a marketing offering to become stale, no one really wants it.
  • Don’t overlook the small things – You have valuable clients. Have you reached out to them lately to check-in and see if there is anything that you can help with? Have you visited the contact form on your site recently? Paying attention to the small details can really add up. Your client call might have come at just the perfect time, or your website contact form might not have been working. Whatever it is, small things can add up to help you reach your goals for the year.

Staying relevant and up to date with your marketing efforts takes a lot of work. Luckily, we are here to help you! Want to freshen up your marketing? Try sending out a press release or customized newsletter through insideARM.

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