ICO Recommendations: Securing Your Data Artfully in the Cloud

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Frank Sherlock

Frank Sherlock

Get your head out of the clouds” is a phrase many children have heard when caught not paying attention. Today, being in the cloud means something different.

More and more companies are wrapping their heads around using cloud-based solutions to give them the flexibility, business agility and cost savings. As organizations move applications and services from the “on-premise” model to the cloud, they have to consider how they ensure that they adhere to regulatory and business continuity requirements. It’s never easy to do this with solutions under your own roof, and it is even more complex when they are not!

We at SoundBite applaud and endorse the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) advice and guidance about data protection and freedom of information. We believe that the ICO guidance provides an excellent framework for what UK organisations need to address when considering moving to the cloud. The recommendations are best practices that not only help a company maintain an edge on their competition, but ensure compliance and the protection of personal data.  While the ICO is a UK based organization, their guidance can be applied globally, as the steps outlined are a logical way to move to the cloud securely.

The nine recommended steps are:

  1. Select which data to move to the cloud

  2. Assess and mitigate the risks

  3. Select the right cloud service provider

  4. Get a written contract

  5. Assess the security of the cloud provider

  6. Protect your data

  7. Control access

  8. Delete customer data when no longer in use

  9. Ensure compliance with DPA requirements regarding the transfer of data outside the UK

SoundBite has been a cloud-based business from its inception and we regularly discuss many of the ICO guidelines with our clients and prospects.  We subject our data protection and security conformance to external validation, likewise our PCI compliance. By giving buyers a framework to ask the right questions and test suppliers with their responses — the ICO guidelines will help ensure that cloud solutions continue to thrive.  So go ahead, get your head in the clouds!

For more relevant insights from the ICO report and keeping customer data safe in the cloud, download our whitepaper Customer Data and Proactive Customer Communications.

As our SoundBite Communications‘ Global Business Development Director, Frank Sherlock is responsible for expanding global client and partner portfolio. He joined SoundBite in 2011, bringing with him a career in the communications sector, including contact center self service automation technology, business operations, sales and marketing, and customer service. Frank has traveled extensively throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa and has a wealth of experience providing leading solutions across multiple verticals and geographies. He holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration as well as a Higher National Diploma in Telecommunications Engineering.


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