Accretive Health Finds Insurance for the Uninsured, Boosts Cash Received for Chicago Hospital

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In a new case study, Saint Anthony Hospital details the challenges it faced in the often risky world of revenue cycle management for an independent community hospital. By forming a key partnership with Accretive Health, however, Saint Anthony was able to overcome many of those challenges with a solid business partner and patient advocate.

“Saint Anthony Hospital needed a revenue cycle partner that would help them advocate for their uninsured patients as well as deliver results through improved processes.”

With a strategic partner in its corner that was fully aligned with the hospital’s mission, Saint Anthony was able to realize cost-savings and increased cash.

This case study details the operational hurdles Saint Anthony Hospital faced and how it began to overcome them with a strategic partner in its corner that was fully aligned with the hospital’s mission.  Together, Accretive Health and Saint Anthony Hospital developed a custom strategy that leveraged skilled and compassionate people, best-in-class processes, and leading-edge technology and analytics.

Download the case study to learn how Accretive Heath:

  • Carefully determined the insurance status—which was largely uninsured—of Saint Anthony Hospital’s patient population
  • Secured insurance for more than 25,000 Saint Anthony patients in six years
  • More than tripled the number of Medicaid applications in just two years
  • Launched CDM reviews that resulted in increased reimbursement of more than $1M in the last four years

Get the complete case study here.

About Accretive Health

Founded in 2003, Accretive Health’s mission is to help healthcare providers strengthen their financial stability and deliver higher quality, more accessible care to its clients’ patients and the communities they serve.  The majority of the hospitals that Accretive Health serves are non-profit, faith-based hospitals or teaching hospitals, deeply rooted in values of stewardship, generosity of spirit, leadership and dedication to their communities.

With approximately 2,900 employees, Accretive Health serves many of the top-rated hospital systems in the country and is committed to providing solutions that assist them in the delivery of quality healthcare services and maintaining financial stability.


Download it here: Case Study: How Strategic Partnerships Can Deliver Insurance for the Uninsured, Cost Containment, & Revenue Cycle Lift

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