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Graphic cover with text 2022 Understanding the Modern Consumer Survey Results with TCN logo and graphic of laptop, stars, clouds, email symbol. [Image by creator  from ]  

2022 Survey Report: Explore and Understand the Modern Consumer’s Expectations

In this new ebook from TCN, you'll find everything you need to know about your customers' expectations, including their biggest fears when calling customer service, how long they typically wait on hold, how likely it is that they will leave a review, and how their experiences affect your business.

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Graphic of video title Working Smarter Not Harder - Reduce Effort, Uphold Compliance, and Increase Revenue [Image by creator  from ]  

Case Study: How Credit Service Company Used Business Intelligence to Increase Revenue without Increasing Effort

In this new 5-minute video case study from Intelitech Group, find out how Credit Service Company was able to reduce effort, uphold compliance, and increase revenue by incorporating collection analytics and improved account scoring into their workflow.

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Allsec Technologies Whitepaper cover Empathy: The Soul of the Modern Debt Collection Process with a photo of a man and woman shaking hands [Image by creator  from ]  

How an Empathy-First Strategy Can Improve Your KPIs

In this new whitepaper from Allsec Technologies, find out how a leading credit card issuer implemented an empathy-driven, ROI-boosting collection strategy through segmentation analytics, which helped them minimize friction, and reduce accounts on the ‘Do Not Call’ list, customer delinquencies, and roll rates.

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Whitepaper cover text A digital debt collection future: Maximizing collections and staying compliant with an image of a hand holding a cell phone [Image by creator  from ]  

A digital debt collection future: Maximizing collections and staying compliant

In this new whitepaper from Experian, find out why expanding your digital and automation strategy is the only way forward, and how Experian’s data, tools and services can help you develop an optimized collections strategy through each phase of the collections lifecycle.

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 [Image by creator  from ]  

Why SMS, Email, and Letters Should be the Cornerstone of Your Post-Regulation F Strategy

In this new whitepaper from Nordis Technologies, find out why collectors should focus on print and digital communications as key pillars of a post-Reg F strategy. Plus, learn how new, cloud-based, omnichannel tools for SMS, email, and letters can help collectors respond quickly to clients, be much more responsive to compliance needs, and improve consumer contact rates.

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