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Healthcare providers, here's how you can assure you get the money you're owed

You want to recoup as much revenue as you can. But to do that, you're going to need to make sure you can do these 5 things. [Read more]

How far are you looking to bend the 7-in-7 provision? Here are some breaking points

You get 7 phone call attempts in 7 days. Here's how you can get more, and here's where you'll go too far. [Read more]

The latest on the CDCIA: Comprehensive Debt Collection Improvement Act

You all will probably want to start paying closer attention to this one. It has the potential to severely interfere with Reg F implementation and deeply impact your contact strategies. [Read more]






insideARM's FAQ on Regulation F (the CFPB's Final Rule on Debt Collection)

Per the Federal Register's website, Reg F -- the CFPB's Final Rule on debt collection have been published.

Reg F will go into effect on 11/30/2021.

insideARM has published an FAQ document for Reg F. This is a free resource for members of insideARM's Research Assistant program

For those not members, and not interested in joining Research Assistant, you can order your copy for $129. (However, it's definitely cheaper to join Research Assistant.) 

Survey: Complaints

Learn the most frequent types and sources of complaints in the industry by taking this survey!

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Help our benchmarking group understand the number, type, and time spent on complaints.
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Your data is never tied to your company, only to aggregated results.

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