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 I honestly didn't know if the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs would get their...stuff together in time to meet the 1 October deadline for having their glossary up on their site.

And then they surprised us!

You'll find the glossary here:

Some quick tips/reminders:

1) The regulation (found here) doesn't say to provide the link of the glossary. Per the reg, your New York City letters only need to do the following:

(viii) a statement that a translation and description of commonly-used debt collection terms is available in multiple languages on the Department’s website,

However, it is not immediately apparent, at least to this least sophisticated consumer, where the glossary is from the link above. I don't entirely know how to guide you here. Safety says: follow the regulation as written, because sometimes links change and if you use the glossary link itself, rather than the link in the regulation, and then NYC DCA changes that link, you might find yourself in dutch with the City.

2) Per the regulation, you are not required to provide communications in anything other than English. If you do offer written and oral communications in other languages, though, that needs to be listed in the letter. And if you have the ability to translate written documents or handle other languages in a phone call, that needs to be made explicit to consumers, too.

3) Also per the regulation, that link to also needs to be on your website. It can be on a consumer-reachable disclosures page. You will also have to list the languages your agency supports on your site, too.

4) Finally, as an eagle-eyed reader and friend of the show just emailed me, NYC DCA got the definition of "charge-off" wrong. Gey gezunt, gang!

This is a requirement for agencies doing any business in New York City. If you're not doing business in New York City, then you're off the hook.

For now.

If you have additional questions, or corrections, or just want to send an "attaboy!" -- my email is





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