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Court Rejects $6mm TCPA Class Settlement Because Class Definition Includes “Unascertainable” ATDS Reference

Although there have been a couple of notable exceptions, most multi-million dollar TCPA settlements go sailing through approval. When they do get hung up, it is usually because the dollars aren’t quite multi-million enough. But in a new decision out of Washington a district court has rejected a class settlement. Read on to find out why.

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The Perfect Storm - Four Major Challenges in the Debt Recovery Space

The collections industry is facing some of its steepest challenges to date:

• hiring in the midst of historically low unemployment
• rising wage rates
• reduction of client fee rates
• the rising cost of compliance.

The complexity and interconnectedness of these challenges demand that agencies develop and deploy unique solutions such as artificial intelligence to these problems, otherwise, they will be left behind by more innovative firms.

Join Mike Frost, Managing Partner Malone Frost Martin and Marty Sarim, President & CEO of ERC to hear the depth of these challenges, what agencies should be doing to embrace and overcome them, and get an update on the first-ever deployment of a Virtual Collections Agent at ERC.

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You Oughta Know, 30 September 2019

Welcome to You Oughta Know, a collection of links from around the web that you should probably know about.

  • In-Depth Discussion of Hot Topics from House Fin. Servs. Committee Debt Collection Hearing. "As insideARM predicted, yesterday’s House Fin. Servs. Committee Hearing was a lively debate regarding debt collection in general, with a special focus on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB’s) Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM). It will come as no surprise that there was a healthy dose of strong, partisan opinions in the room." (iA)
  • Global Debt Collection Software Market Growth (Status And Outlook) 2019-2028. "Debt Collection Software Market Competitor strategies, market size, Price, volume, values, supply and global demand and all of the economic factors surrounding it can be complex to track and understand. Having the right information at the right time is key to achieving success. Our goal is to provide timely and unbiased market insight that helps Debt Collection Software businesses to understand these trends and make informed decisions about the Debt Collection Software market, sale, and delivery of their products." (Sound on Sound Fest)
  • Most-Common Money Mistakes: Carrying Steep Credit Card Debt With a Fat Bank Balance. "You don't need to be told that managing your personal finances can be tough. Virtually anyone reading this will be able to say truthfully that money is tight in their household. Too many things need to be done, and there's not quite enough income to cover everything. So we all make choices. We prioritize. We postpone. And, with embarrassing frequency, we also blunder." (Motley Fool)


Validation: A Closer Look at the CFPB's NPRM

15 October 2019 at 02:00 p.m.

Join members of insideARM's Research Assistant group as they dive deeper into the Validation section of the CFPB's NPRM.

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