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CFPB Proposes Debt Collection Rule that Congress Rejected [Podcast]

The CFPB’s proposed debt collection rules envision a much needed update and modernization to many provisions in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  However, the CFPB’s proposed rules include a limit of the number of debt collection calls that may be made per week without regard to the REJECTION of call frequency limits by Congress.  Because our Congress considered and dismissed call frequency limits for debt collectors, the CFPB cannot implement such limits through rulemaking.

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You Oughta Know, 3 October 2019

Welcome to You Oughta Know, a collection of links from around the internet that you should probably know about.


Validation: A Closer Look at the CFPB's NPRM

15 October 2019 at 02:00 p.m.

Join members of insideARM's Research Assistant group as they dive deeper into the Validation section of the CFPB's NPRM.

We'll look at:

1. What the rule says in practical terms
2. What changes to business practices are likely necessary
3. What stresses are likely to be placed on business
4. What risks there might be to business in this section
5. What open questions remain that the text of the rule doesn't answer

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