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Newsletter Archive

Top iA Whitepapers December 2019

ARM Insider 12/16/2019 - Senate Commerce Committee Approves Another Robocall Bill

insideARM Events 12-16-19

ARM Insider 12/11/2019 - Credit Reporting Issues Highlighted in the FTC's and CFPB's Workshop

Commercial Collection News 12-11-2019

ARM Insider 12/11/2019 - Supreme Court: FDCPA Claims Run from Date of Violation, Not from Date of Discovery

ARM Insider 12/10/2019 - How the iA Innovation Council Partnered with Georgetown University to Solve an Industry Problem

insideARM Employment Brief 12-10-19

ARM Insider 12/9/2019 - District of Maryland Sanctions Plaintiff and Her Counsel for Abuse of FDCPA and FCRA

ARM Insider 12/5/2019 - E.D.N.Y. Calls Out Abuse of FDCPA, Confirms 1692g Requirements Don't Apply to Subsequent Letters

ARM Insider 12/4/2019 - CCPA Confusion Addressed by Commenters at Calif. AG's Public Hearing

ARM Insider 12/3/2019 - 5 Ways to Use Mobile Phones to Digitize Outreach in 2020

ARM Insider 12/2/2019 - Text of New Compromise “Robocall” Bill Just Released–and it's Huge!

insideARM Events 12-2-19

ARM Insider 11/27/2019 - Support for Balanced Debt Collection Regulations From an Unlikely Source

ARM Insider 11/26/2019 - Debt Collector Accuses Lexington Law of Destroying Evidence in Lawsuit on Credit Dispute Letters

insideARM Employment Brief 11-26-19

ARM Insider 11/21/2019 - CFPB Regulatory Agenda Marks Final Debt Collection Rule for 2020...And the Clock is Ticking to Avoid CRA Nullification

ARM Insider 11/21/2019 - Legitimate Debt Collector or Scam? CFPB Releases Video to Educate Consumers on Spotting the Differences

ARM Insider 11/20/2019 - Unanswered Calls Across Devices: A Review of Call Blocking, Labeling, Filtering, and Screening Technologies Available from Multiple Carriers and Device Manufacturers