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CFPB Scrutinizes Auto Lending, Repossessions, and Collections

8 March 2022

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Court Finds Text Messages Do Not Qualify As Artificial or Prerecorded Voice Messages Under the TCPA

7 March 2022

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The Correct Answers to Questions about the Limited Content Message and Model Validation Notice [Video]

3 March 2022

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Amendments to the GLBA Safeguards Rule: What’s New, What’s Not, and What’s Hot for Non-Banking Financial Institutions

1 March 2022

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Three Reasons Why a Risk and Gap Assessment Should be in Your 2022 Plan

28 February 2022

Big change - like complying with sweeping Regulation F requirements or adding new tech - brings new, risky gaps in your collections compliance procedures. To avoid surging lawsuit, regulatory, and revenue risk and find those gaps, creditors and agencies need the best tool for the job: a risk and gap assessment.

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Consumer Relations Consortium Comments on NYDFS Proposed Alterations to Debt Collection Rule

17 February 2022

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EDPA Finds Alleged Transmission of Consumer Information to Letter Vendor States Claim Under FDCPA’s § 1692c(b)

10 February 2022

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Hunstein: Case Moves Forward; Consumer Files Final Brief Before Case is Reheard

7 February 2022

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3 Things All Collections Professionals Need to Know about the No Surprises Act

3 February 2022

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Ninth Circuit Holds LiveVox HCI is not an ATDS in Unpublished Decision

26 January 2022

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Hunstein: Preferred Files its Brief Addressing Standing

24 January 2022

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CFPB Updates Electronic Fund Transfers FAQs

19 January 2022

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Date set for Hunstein Rehearing on Standing

13 January 2022

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New York Reduces Judgment Rate on Consumer Debts to 2%

13 January 2022

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CFPB Sues United Holding Group, its Affiliates and Owners; UHG Responds, Denies Allegations

11 January 2022

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CA DFPI provides assurance of no action to applicants (with one important caveat)

4 January 2022

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What to Expect: Day 1 of Regulation F

30 November 2021

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New York Enacts Significant Changes Impacting Debt Collection Lawsuits

29 November 2021

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NYDFS Proposes Amendments to Debt Collection Regulation

18 November 2021

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BREAKING: 11th Circuit Vacates Hunstein; Full Panel will Rehear Case

17 November 2021