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Vertican CIO Receives Recognition from the CIO Professional Network

15 December 2022

A 1040 tax form, a check from the United States Treasury, and a $100 bill [Image by creator pixelrobot from AdobeStock]

3 Key Ways to Prepare for Tax Season Now

14 December 2022

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Superlative RM Hires John Curry as Vice President of Business Development

14 December 2022

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CFPB Expands Consumer Complaint Access to Local Governments

13 December 2022

File drawer with one folder in focus, labeled "Court Decisions" [Image by creator tashatuvango from AdobeStock]

Ninth Circuit Affirms Award of Attorneys’ Fees in FDCPA Matter

12 December 2022

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Breaking Down the CFPB's Opinion on Convenience Fees [Sponsored]

8 December 2022

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CFPB on Schedule with Consumer Data Privacy Rights Rulemaking Process

8 December 2022

 [Image by creator atoss from AdobeStock]

Ninth Circuit Puts New Limits on Aggregate Statutory Awards Following Remand of Nearly $1 Billion TCPA Judgment

7 December 2022

Microphone sitting on table [Image by creator olegkruglyak3 from AdobeStock]

Collections Industry Sees Significant Split Between Large and Small Firms’ Investments in Customer Contact Channels

7 December 2022

A person holding a mobile phone that appears to have illustrated white charts, graphs, and dollar signs popping out of it [Image by creator ra2 studio from AdobeStock]

Text Messages Are Still Not Voices

6 December 2022

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Sold Out Women in Consumer Finance Conference Kicks Off Today

5 December 2022

Phone with "voice mail" text on it [Image by creator iQoncept from AdobeStock]

FCC Rules Ringless Voicemails Require Consent

5 December 2022

Arms of 5 business people holding up different colored large "quote" marks [Image by creator Sergey Nivens from AdobeStock]

CRC to FTC: Focus on Existing Laws not Creating Overlapping Regs

1 December 2022

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New Litigation Challenges CFPB’s Subpoena Authority Based on Fifth Circuit Decision Holding CFPB’s Funding Mechanism is Unconstitutional

30 November 2022

 [Image by creator Amaranto from AdobeStock]

Tom Haag's Legacy

30 November 2022

a pair of glasses lays on an open book with two highlighters, yellow and blue [Image by creator Hans from Pixabay]

CFPB Focuses on Junk Fees, Credit Reporting, and COVID-19 Relief Funds in Latest Supervisory Highlights

29 November 2022

Person holding up a chalkboard that says "Give Back" [Image by creator christianchan from AdobeStock]

ConServe Cares Program Supports The Salvation Army of Rochester

29 November 2022

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A Candid Conversation About The Recent Sale of A Mid-size Accounts Receivable Management Firm

28 November 2022

 [Image by creator Krasimira Nevenova from AdobeStock]

NYC Debt Collector Rules - Amendments Proposed; Public Hearing to be Held Dec 5th

28 November 2022

Photo of hourglass with sand all in the bottom [Image by creator Zerophoto from AdobeStock]

FTC Extends Deadline for Updated Safeguards Rule by Six Months

23 November 2022