TAMPA, Fla. -- Midland Credit Management, an Encore Capital Group Company, named ProVest LLC its Top Internal Legal Partner. ProVest was honored at the 2022 Fall National Creditors Bar Association Conference in Tampa, Fla. Midland annually recognizes only one vendor with this prestigious award Midland Credit Management Award to Provest

Midland’s Partner Award recognizes a vendor that combines strong performance with the following criteria: consistently goes above and beyond as a partner, contributes insightful feedback to help Midland improve and build upon its strategic programs; and effectively collaborates with Midland to meet business objectives.

Midland recognized ProVest for its performance in the markets it is serving, helping Midland identify internal opportunities and process improvements in multiple states in 2022 and proving to be an innovative thought leader in the industry. 

“On behalf of our experienced and client-focused team, we are pleased to accept Midland’s Top Internal Legal Partner of the Year Award,” said ProVest CEO Jim Ward. “This incredible recognition demonstrates that we are a strategic business partner and industry leader. When our clients excel, so do we.”


ProVest is a service of process vendor with more than 30 years of experience. It has been partnering with Midland, a market leader in portfolio purchasing and recovery in the United States, for nearly a decade.

About ProVest LLC

Founded in 1991 in Tampa, Fla., ProVest plays a critical role by ensuring that defendants in a legal action have been properly served process, thus helping to protect their constitutional rights. ProVest specializes in managing the service of process related to creditors’ rights and mortgage defaults. ProVest annually serves millions of documents for the U.S.’s most notable law firms, financial institutions, and insurance companies. Learn more at provest.com.

Contact: Joel Rosenthal at joel.rosenthal@provest.us

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