Brit Suttell

In 2020, the Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) launched its inaugural Legal Advisory Board (LAB), an exclusive membership group of outside counsel with expertise in the accounts receivable industry who have each pledged their time and resources to support the mission of the CRC. Throughout the year, the LAB served as a legal resource to the CRC and iA Innovation Council membership and assisted in fulfilling the mission of promoting forward-thinking approaches to the issues raised by regulatory policy and technology innovation in the accounts receivable industry. 

Today's spotlight, which showcases LAB members in their own words, highlights Brit Suttell of Barron & Newburger, P.C.

What inspired you to become a lawyer?

My Dad (Bill Suttell) and my mom's side of the family (her 3 siblings are all attorneys and her parents were both attorneys). My Grandma became an attorney in the early 1950s when there were not many female attorneys.  I'm a third-generation female attorney.

Other than the CFPB rules, what is a hot topic in legal/compliance you think industry members should be paying attention to in the next couple of months?

I think industry members need to be paying attention to the consent orders and other actions taken by the CFPB. While it has been said that enforcement actions and investigations dropped under Director Kraninger, recently there have been a series of consent orders and enforcement actions that seem to indicate otherwise. Following consent orders and enforcement actions can give the industry a clue as to what the CFPB is looking for and allow companies to reevaluate their own processes in those areas. 

What has been the highlight of your career thus far and why?

Winning the Donald Kramer Award from the National Creditors Bar Association, which is awarded to “someone whose efforts have made a substantial and lasting impact for the benefit of the credit and legal collection community.” It was completely unexpected and I’m humbled to be among the ranks of some of the industry’s most prominent names.  

What industry behavior keeps you up at night and why?

Debt collectors who just don't follow what the FDCPA says, especially 1692g.

If you could give one piece of non-legal advice to the industry, what would it be?

It would have to be similar advice that I give to my sons every day: be awesome; be kind.  Although I think it’s implied in the “be kind” part, I would add “don’t be a jerk.” 

About Brit Suttell

Brit Suttell works in the Pennsylvania office of Barron & Newburger, P.C. They are a member of the firm’s Consumer Financial Services Law Practice Group.

Prior to joining the firm, Brit was a shareholder at Burton Neil & Associates, P.C., where they served as the firm’s Director of Compliance. In addition to their litigation experience, Brit is experienced in the creation, implementation, and administration of policies, procedures, and compliance management systems. Their non-litigation experience also includes the handling of regulatory complaints. They have substantial familiarity with multiple consumer financial protection laws and has trained collectors and facilitated law firm audits by clients in the financial sector.

Brit is the President of the Pennsylvania State Creditors Bar and current member of the Board of Directors for the National Creditors Bar Association, as well as the Association’s immediate past parliamentarian. They are a frequent contributor to industry newsletters and webinars.


About the Consumer Relations Consortium

The Consumer Relations Consortium (CRC) is an organization comprised of more than 60 national companies representing the diverse ecosystem of debt collection including creditors, data/technology providers and compliance-oriented debt collectors that are larger market participants. Established in 2013, CRC is evolving the debt collection paradigm by engaging stakeholders—including consumer advocates, Federal and State regulators, academic and industry thought leaders, creditors and debt collectors—and challenging them to move beyond talking points and focus on fashioning real-world solutions that actually improve the consumer experience. CRC’s collaborative and candid approach is unique in the market.  CRC is managed by The iA Institute.

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About the iA Innovation Council

The iA Innovation Council is a collaborative working group of product, tech, strategy, and operations thought leaders who envision the future of collections and map how to get there. Group members meet throughout the year to engage in substantive dialogue and whiteboard sessions with the creative thinkers behind the latest innovations for the industry, the regulators who audit and establish guardrails for new technology, and educators, entrepreneurs and innovators from outside the industry who inspire different thinking. 

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