Birmingham, Ala. -- AmSher, a leading specialized accounts receivable service company, announced today that it has selected Pairity AI for account scoring to boost compliant Right-Party Contact and maximize debt recovery. 

“We have honed our credit-based modeling and scoring with our proprietary predictive methodology,” says AmSher President, Seth DeForest. “But we needed a better way to manage accounts without credit scores. Pairity AI provides scoring for these accounts, which allows us to segment and develop effective strategies to better serve them,” DeForest continues. 

Pairity AI provides more than traditional static scores. It models out data enriched Consumer Personas and then layers in highly intelligent Adaptive Machine Learning to help predict outcomes like propensity to pay or contact channel. A deep, scientific examination into why interactions produce either a desirable or undesirable outcome is performed, and the model is continuously recalibrated to reinforce what works and minimize what doesn’t. Pairity then passes on the information to the agent working the account so that they have the most up-to-date data available to them at all times. 

AmSher, founded in 1986, has been providing accounts receivable services for the telecom, cable, medical, banking and retail industries for over 30 years.  AmSher collectors are committed to professional and ethical performance and to treating every debtor with the utmost respect and dignity.  One way of accomplishing this is to contact the right party the first time and help them develop a strategy for paying their debt. 

“Pairity has been great to work with and is remarkably quick to respond. In an industry where every minute counts, this is extremely important. They helped us develop the initial Consumer Persona scoring models and they constantly recalibrate them, through Adaptive Machine Learning based on new outcomes. Evolving the model is essential to sustainable results. In just the first two weeks of using Pairity, we’ve seen a notable increase in right party contacts and payments,” DeForest says. 

“We really appreciate working with forward-thinking companies like AmSher,” says Greg Allen, Pairity CEO.  “It’s great to see how Pairity AI is being used to help AmSher improve the success of each contact and increase debt recovery. Their understanding and adoption of how Machine Learning can drive increased liquidation at a reduce operational cost is something the ARM industry has long been trying to accomplish.” 

About AmSher

AmSher is a nationally recognized debt collection firm providing accounts receivable solutions within the telecom, cable and medical industries. They have built a reputation for providing compassionate service to consumers, while delivering consistent results for their clients.

For more information, contact: John Sams at (678)-458-3639 or by email at

About Pairity

Pairity is a leading provider of artificial intelligence designed specifically for the accounts receivables industry.  Pairity AI streamlines data from all contact channels so that it can be leveraged to its full potential. Consumer Persona scoring models and Adaptive Machine Learning assess the value of each account and offer recommendations for an effective and compliant approach for each contact.


For more information, contact: Dan Baker at (617) 908-1184 or by email at

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