HUNT VALLEY, Md. -- Technology company Beguided, Inc. today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted US Patent No. 10,002,347. [Beguided co-owns this patent with one of its partners whom specialize in Collections Software technology, Interprose Corporation.]

This is the second patent issued to Beguided under this ground breaking technology which enable customers to resolve a bill via multiple channels quickly and without human intervention.

The patent issuance adds to Beguided’ s existing patent estate and broadens its claim coverage in the field of internet-facilitated account management using an avatar or virtual spokesperson.

Commenting on the development, Kevin Gillespie, CEO of Beguided said, “The PTO’s decision today to issue Beguided another patent on its avatar-facilitated payment portal and account management technologies reinforces the uniqueness of our approach. Our avatar-facilitated customer portals are a clear departure from typical payment or chatbot experiences online. Beguided’ s AVAPAY™ payment portal and Concierge™ customer service offerings provide a face, name and identity to online experiences that are typically impersonal and less interactive.” We are now even more protected from competitor copying via the issuance of this patent. For us this step is the first of many towards a more interactive web experience as newer technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality become ubiquitous features of our digital life.

Inventor, and Beguided Board Chairman Thomas F. Gillespie Jr. commented, “We are extremely pleased to announce this patent issuance today. This application broadens our claim scope to cover more web-based consumer-facing platforms. Our claims now cover interactions with consumers that are verbal as well as written and are not limited to devices. I am also pleased that this application was prosecuted under the new tougher standards for patentable subject matter after the Supreme Court’s Alice decision. The PTO’s findings regarding our application will be deferred to by federal courts as presumptively valid in every court in America from now on."

About Beguided Inc. 

Beguided is an IT solutions company focused on solving business problems with proprietary and externally integrated AI-driven solutions. Beguided’s AVAPAY intelligent payment portal provides a positive payment experience online and keeps consumers up to date, negotiates their payment arrangements and resolves any questions they may have in the process. Beguided’ s Concierge platform is an intelligent platform for Customer Service, Marketing/Sales, and Human Resources question resolution management. Beguided’s platforms integrate easily with client host systems and enable quick resolution of consumer questions and issues without human intervention. For more information about Beguided, you can go to:

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