COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. -- The Fed Cetera Network, a business development organization under 48 CFR 52.219-9, is pleased to announce Harold Wickline has joined the organization as its PCA Advisor.

Mr. Wickline has long been associated with the United States Department of Education (ED) Private Collection Agency (PCA) contracts, most recently as a self-employed consultant.  Previously, Harold served as a Vice President at Premiere Credit and a consultant with ECMC after eight years as an executive at Pioneer Credit Recovery. His full professional biographical details are listed on his LinkedIn profile.

As Fed Cetera’s PCA Advisor, Harold will bring his unique skills and perspective to bear on efforts to assist PCAs in locating, vetting, and validating the credentials of small businesses seeking to act as subcontractors to PCAs within the Fed Cetera Network.  Further, he will offer his operational acumen to PCAs seeking to maximize borrower satisfaction and results to ED through advantageous subcontracting strategies while offering small businesses tips and strategies on making their businesses more marketable within this niche.

“The addition of Harold Wickline to our operations as a resource to PCAs and small businesses significantly improves our ability to help companies in this market further their goals.  Harold’s seen and done it all, and those we work with will benefit from his involvement,” stated Leah Wilson Conger of Fed Cetera.


With the lifting of the restraining order in place for most of 2017 and other recent events, including recently-announced unrestricted awards, Fed Cetera will continue its mission of marketing its members to PCAs as viable subcontracting candidates unquestionably qualified for any and all socioeconomic categories each may assert.

Harold commented, “I have loved the challenges the ED contract has provided over the years and I think we face some of our biggest tests today. I look forward to working with companies, both small and large, helping to overcome obstacles and allowing us as an industry to provide the superior product we are accustomed to delivering.”  Mr. Wickline will continue to offer consulting services within the industry while fulfilling his role with Fed Cetera. Harold can be reached at 716-863-1747 or at

As reported on ED procurement documents posted on, the procurement for PCAs that concluded with awards to two firms earlier this month placed greater emphasis than ever before on the need for PCAs to subcontract accounts to small businesses.  A set aside contract awarded to eleven small businesses in late September of 2014 requires, for the first time, even those small businesses to farm out some of the work to other small businesses.

About Fed Cetera
Fed Cetera is a “business development organization” under 48 CFR 52.219-9 that PCAs contact when subcontracting opportunities are available in order to be fully compliant with Federal regulations requiring outreach to various sources of potential subcontractors.  The company maintains a source list of qualified small collection firms, regularly markets to the PCA community, and provides advisory services around business development and compliance to firms operating in the federal market place. Click here to learn more.

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