CALABASAS, Calif. -- Earlier this month, Cedar Financial was graced with the opportunity to volunteer our time and energy with the MEND Poverty drive in Southern California. MEND Poverty was founded in the early 1970’s as a non-profit organization helping all members of the community living in poverty reestablish their self-reliance skills and begin to contribute as active members of society. MEND stands for the work they put forth – Meeting Each Need with Dignity. MEND provides emergency food, clothing, medical, vision, and dental care to hundreds of families in the surrounding areas in need. The most impressive element to the success at MEND is that over 94% of the amazing work they contribute to the community is volunteer work.  At the Pacoima MEND location, over 16,000 hours are donated each month from volunteers of all backgrounds, coming together to help put people first.

During our day with MEND, Cedar Financial staff were given a private tour of the facility, opening our eyes to how much work goes into giving back to the community. Some of the more fascinating aspects we observed were the relationships MEND has built with neighboring college universities and the option for students to gain credited hours in the medical, dental, and vision care fields towards their degrees. This relationship not only helps the students, but more importantly, gives community members access to vital healthcare services they would otherwise be unable to attain.

The staff of Cedar Financial were directed to the food and package facility at the MEND HQ to help prepare canned foods, soft drinks, and grains for a national food drive set to take place over the weekend. It was phenomenal to see all the resources the organization had in stock, however, the more we worked to prepare bags, the more it became very clear that there are never enough donations, either food or clothing, to help sustain the support MEND has been able to give. This experience showed our staff the importance of monthly food drives, donating used clothing, and even volunteering an hour or so to those who are less fortunate.

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