LiveVox will join other industry leaders to discuss forward-thinking approaches to Cybersecurity and best practices to defending contact center operations from potential threats on a panel at CRS 2017

  • With a timely focus on payment line security, LiveVox will also share insight on the rising costs required to maintain PCI certifications and how cloud is helping offload a significant portion of the burden while adapting to changing consumer preferences.To learn more, click here.
  • The panel takes place Thursday, May 11th at 3:30pm PT at the 2017 CRS Conference in Las Vegas

SAN FRANCISCO – LiveVox Inc., a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprise operations, announced that it will join cybersecurity, operations, and technology experts to discuss top threats to cybersecurity and leading strategies to protecting operations from potential security breaches.

In today’s world, organizations must be prepared to defend against threats in cyberspace. Accessing and transmitting sensitive data requires that businesses are always up to date with the latest standards and regulations in protecting and storing data securely - a prime example of this is PCI certifications. As a changing consumer base continues to place greater pressure on regulatory bodies like the FTC to enforce stricter security standards, what once may have been given a pass in a PCI audit may now result in a fail. To meet these tightening audit requirements, contacts centers are left facing potential security expenses ranging from hundreds of thousands to millions.

On the topic, panelist Andy Avila, Sr. Director of Security, LiveVox states, “Cloud is changing how contact centers approach payment line security by helping offload a vast majority of the financial and resource burden of obtaining and maintaining PCI certifications through on-demand solutions that provide some of the highest levels of payment security. As security requirements continue to mount, it is imperative that businesses stay ahead of the curve with their security and risk-mitigation strategies. I am excited to join industry leaders to discuss best practices to mitigating risk exposure and sharing how Cloud is leading the charge in providing some of the most innovative and cost-effective payment data security solutions.”

To read more about how to offload the costs of securing payment lines for a changing a consumer base, read our latest blog post here.


About the event:

  • EVENT: CyberSecurity for the Non-IT Collection/Recovery Professional
  • DATE/TIME: Thursday, May 11th, 2017 at 3:30pm PT
  • LOCATION: CRS 2017, Las Vegas, NV

o   Mark Naiman, Absolute Resolutions Corp.

o   Todd Stephenson, ControlScan

o   Mike Wright, TECH LOCK

o   Andy Avila, LiveVox, Inc.


About LiveVox, Inc.
LiveVox is a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprise operations. The LiveVox multi-channel platform provides risk mitigation tools, such as Four Clouds, that simultaneously addresses key compliance concerns while optimizing performance efficiencies.  LiveVox Intelligent Email system is another example of how LiveVox is providing contact centers with a competitive advantage in a changing regulatory environment through innovation. To learn more, contact us at

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