SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – LiveVox Inc., a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprise operations, announces the addition of integrated, intelligent email capabilities into its platform with the release of LiveVox Intelligent Email. LiveVox will demonstrate the innovative key features and benefits provided by this platform enhancement during an April 13th webinar. Technology leaders and financial services industry experts will walk participants through real world examples of how the integrated email capability is being leveraged in today’s contact centers to optimize contact attempts and deliver multi-channel campaigns with improved ROI. 

Expanding Channel Options Delivers Improved ROI

On the importance of delivering innovative methods to reach the consumer while managing compliance regulations, Dusty Whitesell, Chief Evangelist states, “Using email in an intelligent fashion, by leveraging key data to provide campaign attribution, drives highly effective and productive multi-channel campaigns. The ability to access and utilize this data across communication channels enables contact centers to deliver dramatically improved results.  I’m excited to share how this expansion of our platform will enable higher campaign ROIs for our clients.” To learn more about LiveVox’s integrated email solution, read our latest blog post on the subject

Contact center leaders are optimizing their contact campaigns and improving campaign performance by turning to integrated email. Attend the webinar to learn how. 

About the event:

  • EVENT: Leveraging Intelligent Email in Campaigns
  • DATE/TIME: Thursday, April 13th, 2017 at 10am PT/ 1pm ET
    • Boris Grinshpun, Director, Product Management, LiveVox, Inc.
    • Anthony Warden, VP, Loan Resolutions, Texas Dow Employees Credit Union
    • Dusty Whitesell, Chief Evangelist, LiveVox, Inc. 

About LiveVox, Inc.

LiveVox is a leading provider of cloud contact center solutions for enterprise operations. The LiveVox multi-channel platform provides risk mitigation tools, such as Four Clouds, that simultaneously addresses key compliance concerns while optimizing performance efficiencies.  LiveVox Intelligent Email system is another example of how LiveVox is providing contact centers with a competitive advantage in a changing regulatory environment through innovation. To learn more, contact us at


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