CEDAR FALLS, Iowa – LocateSmarter, a subsidiary of CBE Companies, announced their Manager of Consumer Data Strategy, Chance Hoskinson will speak at the Midwest Compliance Symposium in Saint Louis, MO tomorrow, Wednesday, September 23.

Hoskinson’s session, “Emerging Technology & Its Effect on Data Quality” will discuss the benefits of using new technologies to improve data accuracy and minimize the risk and costs associated with bad data. During the session, he will also cover products such as LocateSmarter’s priority phone score and their newest phone append product, Movali 2.0.

“This conference couldn’t have come at a better time,” Hoskinson stated. “Last month, we released our phone append product, Movali 2.0, and it’s introducing a whole new way to look at data. This speaking opportunity will be a great time to educate the audience about how phone append products are traditionally created and how emerging technologies can be used to better-suit their needs, improve operational efficiency and mitigate risk.”

For more information on LocateSmarter’s emerging technologies including Movali 2.0, priority phone score and cell phone scrubs, please visit www.locatesmarter.com or call 888-254-5501.

About LocateSmarter®

LocateSmarter, LLC., a subsidiary of CBE Companies, was formed in 2012 with a mission to deliver next generation, cloud-based skip trace solutions for accounts receivable management and collection purposes. The company developed an online application focused on providing quality consumer data and a patented process that connects its users to multiple data providers and data sources.

LocateSmarter’s key values include:

  • Increasing regulatory compliance and operational efficiency by focusing on data quality
  • Streamlining the data testing and onboarding process with a centralized platform and freedom from annual contracts and monthly minimums
  • Providing measurable data so businesses can make educated decisions about their skip tracing strategies

For more information on LocateSmarter and its products, please visit www.locatesmarter.com.

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