FELA (Financial Education & Literacy Advisers), a leading provider of consumer and financial education programs, today launched a ‘Debt Collection 101′ series of modules for its web-based financial education application, LifeCents.

The modules, coupled with FELA’s proven approach to financial education, will educate consumers on their responsibilities and rights related to past due debt, teach them how to better manage their debt, and advise them on opportunities to pay back their debt. The new educational modules will help to empower consumers to improve their overall financial health and financial capability.

FELA developed the ‘Debt Collection 101′ series in partnership with Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (PRA), a leader in the debt buying industry working with its customers to pay back their debt.

“For too long, PRA has seen consumers exposed to bad advice on the web, paying unnecessary fees to settle debt, for example,” said Neal Stern, executive vice president and chief operating officer, PRA. “Why not simply talk with those you owe money to? Settle your debt at a discount, instead of paying fees to a debt settlement company to negotiate for you. PRA wants to see more consumers understand how to manage delinquent debt, while encouraging more of our customers to talk with us, and work out solutions to resolving their debt.”

PRA will promote the new modules to all consumers and customers from PRA’s website. In addition, qualified PRA customers who complete the Debt Collection 101 modules on the LifeCents website will be able to settle their debt to PRA at a discount.

Upon completion of the three new LifeCents modules — Debt Collection 101, Savvy Saver 101, and Credit Score Health 101 — consumers will learn more about the effects of delinquent debt, can earn badges for the achievement of goals, and have the opportunity to redeem rewards related to their goal achievement.

Consumers who access LifeCents also will benefit from gaining a holistic view of their financial health, identifying relevant personal financial goals, and mitigating other risks to their financial wellbeing. The new LifeCents modules introduce a new, interactive approach to consumer engagement on delinquent debt as well as other applications in the financial services industry. FELA will assess consumer reaction to this innovative approach for PRA and evaluate a range of other metrics generated through ongoing use of the site.

“I am very encouraged that LifeCents is being used to help educate consumers about managing their debt while demonstrating new approaches to improve the dialogue between consumers and financial services companies,” said FELA Chief Executive Officer and President Blake Allison. “The implications of helping people resolve their outstanding debt and helping them engage with financial service providers in new and productive ways are quite significant and compelling.”

LifeCents(TM) is a proprietary, web-based consumer education and engagement application developed by FELA with input from experts from the financial education community, academicians, financial advisors, and other subject matter experts. LifeCents is about personal discovery, self-awareness, and individual goal achievement. LifeCents helps people to create a holistic understanding of their financial health and uncover threats to their financial security. LifeCents incorporates contemporary behavioral economics, gamification, and collaborative learning concepts that transform information into action and generate measurable outcomes. For more information, visit www.myfela.com/about-fela/lifecents.

Financial Education & Literacy Advisers (FELA) is a leading provider of outcomes-based consumer education and wellness initiatives. FELA develops innovative and impactful programs and engagement strategies by integrating a proven methodology, proprietary technologies, and principles of behavioral economics. The results are measurable and meaningful for partners and participants. FELA has implemented successful consumer education programs for financial services companies, employers, benefits providers, government agencies, nonprofits, and academic institutions. For more information, please visitwww.MyFELA.com.

Portfolio Recovery Associates, LLC (PRA) is a leader in the debt buying industry, returning capital to banks and other creditors to help expand financial services for consumers. PRA collaborates with its customers to create realistic, affordable, debt repayment plans in compliance with consumer protection laws.

PRA is a business of Portfolio Recovery Associates, Inc. (NASDAQ: PRAA), a financial and business services company operating in the U.S. and the U.K, which was recognized as one of Fortune’s 100 Fastest Growing Companies in 2012, named one of Forbes’ Top 25 Best Small Companies in America in 2012, and has been annually ranked as one of Forbes’ 100 Best Small Companies since 2007. For more information, visit www.PortfolioRecovery.com.

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