Persolvo Data Systems, a leading provider of web-based settlement software and analytics tools designed to locate, identify and settle accounts enrolled in debt settlement programs, will deploy its next generation settlement technology to its current client list of creditors, collection agencies and debt buyers next month.

CONCERTO 3.0 is a PCI-certified collection platform that leverages an aggregated database of more than 400 debt settlement companies with enrolled accounts totaling over $5 billion in consumer debt. Creditors, collection agencies, debt buyers and legal recovery firms can scrub Persolvo’s database to locate accounts enrolled with these debt settlement companies, review the trust account savings balances available for settlement, and submit offers on hundreds of accounts simultaneously using the CONCERTO 3.0 system.

The CONCERTO 3.0 system significantly streamlines the process of locating consumers enrolled in debt settlement programs. It also provides scalability and increased liquidation rates when submitting settlement offers on these accounts. In a recent survey by, the leading accounts receivable management thought leadership consultancy, 49% of collection agencies reported they now work with debt settlement companies as part of an overall strategy to increase collections. However, 74% of those companies reported that they work with fewer than ten debt settlement companies.

Utilizing the CONCERTO 3.0 platform, collectors can now reach a much larger segment of the debt settlement industry through a fully compliant, PCI-certified system that allows them to continuously monitor their collection files for new settlement opportunities through this new channel.

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CONCERTO 3.0 from Persolvo Data Systems is the first patent-pending system to aggregate account information on debtors enrolled in debt relief programs with leading debt settlement companies and law firms. Persolvo’s web-based PCI-compliant settlement application allows creditors and collectors to locate debtors enrolled in debt settlement programs, analyze their account information to uncover highly-liquid settlement opportunities, and settle large numbers of accounts online with hundreds of debt settlement companies. The Persolvo system is the largest database of aggregated debt settlement accounts available today and provides the most accurate and up-to-date information, including the settlement savings balances of debtors enrolled in debt settlement programs.

Persolvo: Latin Verb – to unloose, explain, expound/pay off a debt, pay.

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