Value Healthcare Services announces CEO Ezra Zucker will be a featured speaker at the summer meeting of Keystone AAHAM.  The event will be held on July 18 at the Penn National Conference Center in Grantville, Pennsylvania.  Keystone is one of the 32 local chapters of AAHAM, American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management.

The presentation is titled: “Cycling Through the Revenue Cycle: Are there Overlooked Paths of Opportunity?”  It will focus on unpaid debt and how to most effectively manage and collect on not performing patient debt.  The discussion will be broken down into three main areas: Bankruptcy Recovery, Deceased/Probate and Non-Performing Asset Sales.

“Unpaid debt is a reality for every healthcare facility across the country, no matter the size of the institution,” says Ezra Zucker, Co-Founder of the first company dedicated exclusively to patient bankruptcy receivables.  “With our broad experience in healthcare receivables as well as bankruptcy recovery, we know the challenges firsthand.  I look forward to offering real solutions that will significantly help increase revenue.”

A crucial consideration for healthcare facilities when dealing with unpaid debt is compliance.  The company’s legal arm has extensive experience in the field of bankruptcy recovery, having filing millions of claims on behalf of clients across all 50 states.

“Weinstein, Pinson & Riley, P.S. offers decades of steady and safe bankruptcy practice,” says Bill Weinstein, Co-Founder and Chairman of Value Healthcare Services.  “Legal, regulatory, compliance and reputational risk can be avoided in the recovery of bankruptcy receivables through the application of a tested national legal platform that is transparent and remotely auditable by the health industry.”

Zucker’s presentation will cover a wide-range of topics, including the issue of liability:

Option of selling late-stage Patient Receivables

  • Creating the right Partnership, Compliance Concerns

  • Importance of Maintaining Account Control

  • What the Buyer Expects & Sales Process

Deceased & Probate Collections

  • Understanding a Complicated Recovery Process

  • Developing a Compassionate Approach

  • How to Identify who is Responsible to Pay Debt

  • Learning about Investigative & Legal Costs Involved

  • Compliance Do’s and Dont’s

Bankruptcy Servicing

  • Creating a Proactive vs Reactive Strategy

  • Implementing a Most Important first step, Notification

  • Importance of The Pacer System & Filing Proofs of Claim

Ezra Zucker’s Unique Experience in Healthcare & Bankruptcy

With more than 10 years of executive management and leadership experience, Zucker has served in a variety of roles with national recognized companies.  In addition to serving as CEO of Value Healthcare Services, Zucker is CEO of Bitach Capital Management.  Bitach manages more than $6 Billion in healthcare receivables.  Zucker also founded Everest Asset Management, a nationally licensed and bonded collection agency where treating patients and debtors with integrity and compassion is a top priority.  The company also puts a big emphasis on compliance of FCRA, FDCPA,  HIPPA, PHI.

Prior to working in healthcare receivables, Zucker gained experience in the area of consumer debt when he opened P&E Holdings in 2002.  P&E and it’s affiliates focused on assisting debtors in hardship situations in need of alternatives to restructure their unsecured debt.  With a vision on how to help individuals, Zucker worked hand in hand with some of the largest creditors in the US, including: American Express, Bank of America and Citibank.  P&E established discounted interest rates and hardship programs for debtors, helping over 10,000 clients pay off their debt and become debt free.

About AAHAM, American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management

Founded in 1968, AAHAM is a premier professional organization in healthcare administrative management.  It is a resource center for healthcare revenue cycle professionals.  AAHAM’s mission is to provide education, certification, networking and advocacy in the areas of reimbursement, admitting and registration, data management, medical records and patient relations.

Have you heard of the American Guild of Patient Account Management?  That’s what AAHAM started as, focusing on hospital patient account managers.  Today, the organization represents a broad-based constituency of healthcare professionals.  There are 32 local AAHAM Chapters, including Keystone in Pennsylvania.

Numerous opportunities are offered to members to help increase skills and knowledge necessary to work effectively in today’s health care environment, including: publications, conferences, seminars, benchmarking, professional certification and networking.  AAHAM has a comprehensive program of legislative and regulatory monitoring and participates in several industry groups: ANSI, DISA and NUBC.

About Weinstein, Pinson & Riley, P.S.

Value Healthcare Services is the first company dedicated exclusively to patient bankruptcy receivables.  The company’s legal arm, Weinstein, Pinson & Riley, P.S., has three decades of experience filing millions of bankruptcy claims on behalf of top Fortune 500 companies.  The firm developed a sophisticated, technologically-advanced servicing platform that is unique to the industry, named Secured Blossom, which has the ability to process large volumes in short time frames, perfect for the healthcare industry.  Secured Blossom regularly accesses the federal government’s database of court filings, PACER, for patient bankruptcy filings and any changes in status.  Using Secure Blossom, clients can search secured accounts online, view detailed information, access legal documentation and notes and review distribution reports.

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