On September 5, 2012, Health Recovery Partners announced a major functionality enhancement to Decision Partner™, its flagship software-as-a-service revenue cycle management platform for healthcare provider organizations.

Effective immediately, pilot program participants are now able to track all billing and collection related events beginning with patient discharge and extending through payment in full or suspension of all collection efforts. A centralized data repository, the Decision Partner™ timeline identifies process and partner related revenue cycle inefficiencies and improves both communication and compliance with a new standard of hospital-specified, and industry-mandated business rules.  Managed care, Medicare, Medicaid and self-pay accounts are monitored and information is intelligently and safely shared among internal A/R efforts and the vendors to which revenue cycle management functions may be outsourced.

Michael Sarajian, CEO of Health Recovery Partners, said, “The ability to capture and to analyze the chronological flow and history of events that impact the numerous parties and policies related to bill payment will greatly enhance hospital visibility into partner and vendor performance and revenue cycle process improvement.”


About Health Recovery Partners

Health Recovery Partners develops technology-inspired applications to help healthcare organizations improve revenue cycle control and visibility while better protecting the integrity of the patient and the reputation of the provider. Click here for further information about HRP’s Decision Partner™ solution.

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