DCM Services, the industry leader in deceased account recovery services, and its sister company Forte, the leading provider of probate technologies including Probate Finder OnDemand™, Tuesday announced that Forte has been granted U.S. Patents No. 7,801,831 and No. 7,801,832 by the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

The first patent covers the technology and processes used to source and combine public probate records and decedent data into an electronic database that is part of the company’s Probate Finder® technology.

The second patent covers the automated process of comparing and matching the database’s probate records with deceased accounts receivable data using Probate Finder’s matching algorithms.

Probate Finder is a core component of DCM Services’ portfolio of probate-focused, survivor-sensitive deceased account recovery solutions for the financial services, healthcare and government industries. Probate Finder is also the foundation for Forte’s Probate Finder OnDemand solution.

“The issuance of these patents is a historic occasion for our companies,” said Ben Boyum, DCM Services and Forte chief executive officer.” It reinforces the revolutionary nature of our probate estate recovery offerings and underscores our commitment to help clients realize the superior performance benefits of the probate recovery process.”

Probate Finder’s patented technology and processes are available through DCM Services’ suite of deceased account recovery solutions, including EstateWise™ Solutions, full-service, outsourced recovery solutions that enable creditors to identify the greatest number of open probated estates, file the largest number of claims and maximize overall deceased account recoveries. The patented technology and processes also power Forte’s Probate Finder OnDemand™ solution, a do-it-yourself, web-based probate location and estate recovery solution available from any Internet-connected desktop computer.

“Our companies have provided clients with the estate recovery and brand protection benefits of the probate process for many years, and these patents are a clear recognition of our unprecedented innovation in the deceased debt industry,” said Gary Becker (www.dcmservices.com/about_us_history.php), DCM Services and Forte chairman and co-founder. “Our estate recovery offerings are the only patented, national solutions that can find and match probated estates to deceased accounts receivable. These patents enable our companies to continue to provide industry-leading, value-added services to our clients and fuel our passion for developing innovative solutions for our industry.”

For additional information about Forte’s patents, please visit the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web site at http://www.uspto.gov.

Minneapolis-based DCM Services, the industry leader in deceased account recovery, maximizes the value of deceased portfolios for companies that issue credit. Its EstateWise™ Solutions increase recoveries, protect brand value and enhance survivor relationships – with respect and sensitivity.

Forte is the industry leader in probate data and solutions that increase probate recoveries. Forte is the creator of Probate Finder OnDemand™, a web-based solution that makes it easy to find more estates, file claims and increase estate recoveries. Probate Finder OnDemand is the only web-based estate location and recovery solution.

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