LiveVox Inc., the provider of Private VoIP Cloud™ contact center applications, today announced that Accounts Receivables Management, Inc. has signed a multi-year agreement for use of the LiveVox Cloud Contact Center Platform  across all global call centers.

ARM, a leading receivables management solutions provider based in Thorofare, N.J., concluded that site-premised dialer technology was too slow to adapt to industry changes. ARM expanded an existing relationship with LiveVox once deciding that the cloud system materially outperformed premised dialers.  ARM has now implemented the full LiveVox suite of ACD/PBX, predictive dialer, IVR, and call recording for more than 300 seats at onshore and offshore locations.

“I have been extremely impressed with LiveVox’s dedication to customizing the right solution for its clients,” said Joe Burch, Chief Operating Officer, ARM. “We know receivables management operations and strategy, but technology optimization is LiveVox’s area of expertise. With the scale and agility of the LiveVox system we increased productivity and very clearly saw ways to improve our client performance.”

Productivity & Cost Efficiency
ARM realized they needed better flexibility, scalability and reporting than traditional site-premised dialers could provide. “With LiveVox, Right-Party Contact rates increased as much as 35%, raising productivity without higher telephony costs”, said Josh Seuberling, Director of Operations, ARM. Seuberling added that “ARM can be more flexible with contact strategies, such as hosting its best agents from across locations on the same high-value campaigns on the fly.”

ARM also used LiveVox to migrate their contact centers fully to VoIP without PBX upgrades, capital expenditures or ongoing maintenance and support costs of on-site technology.

“The goal of technology providers should be to deliver simpler models that allow contact centers to quickly take action when business requirements change,” said Louis Summe, Chief Executive Officer, LiveVox. “The cloud delivers levels of scale, flexibility and security that would be cost prohibitive to most organizations otherwise. These features, not on-site servers, are what improve performance.”

Rapid Implementation & Sensible Migration
ARM appreciated the speed of LiveVox deployment and new feature upgrades without “waiting for an annual release to come out” like site-premised solutions do, Burch said.

At the same time, LiveVox was able to map ARM’s required campaign customizations and deliver a smooth transition from legacy hardware to the cloud contact center without impacting existing operations.

Security, Reliability, and Scalability
The LiveVox solution is unique as a hosted ACD/IVR/PBX that is PCI-DSS certified.  Cloud deployment results in truly elastic applications, scaling up and down as, when and where needed. The multi-tenant LiveVox solution is built upon identical resource pools with automatic failover, even at the carrier layer through the use of multiple top IP carriers.

About LiveVox
LiveVox provides cloud contact center solutions. The patented, PCI-certified LiveVox platform integrates highly scalable applications such as ACD/PBX, predictive dialer, IVR, call recording and business analytics via a burstable, redundant IP/MPLS mesh. LiveVox is headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit

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