The face of debt collections has been changing rapidly over the last decade. Accounts Receivable Management Services’ (A.R.M.S.) was looking for a way to energize the company and bring new life and revenue into the agency. After successfully operating for 25 years, the company decided to challenge the status quo by switching from a manual dialing system to IAT’s hosted dialer services.

A.R.M.S., a five-agent, 25-year-old collection agency in Lufkin, Texas, specializes in early‐out, medical and commercial collections. “Specializing in telephone collections and using traditional manual dialing techniques, our agents were making 200 to 250 calls a day,” Adam Thomason, Account Representative/IT, said.

The inadequate number of daily outbound calls prompted Adam Thomason and GeoJan Thomason, A.R.M.S. Office Manager, then brand new employees to A.R.M.S., to research new dialing technology options and select IAT’s CT Impact Hosted Services for a weeklong trial. “In just the first week with IAT’s hosted predictive dialer, we were able to make 400 to 425 calls per agent per day,” Thomason said.

“The results from this one simple business decision were far greater than we could have ever anticipated,” G Thomason said. “We’ve probably seen a 25% ‐ 50% increase in revenue with the dialer. In September, we recorded the second highest month of collection/commissions revenue the company has ever had.”

That week‐long trial proved that Account Receivable Management Services’ (A.R.M.S.) dialing strategy was stifling their success. After switching from manual dialing to IAT’s hosted dialer services, A.R.M.S. contacts immediately tripled and overall collection revenues skyrocketed. Seven months later, the company is still excited about the results.

Now, A.R.M.S. strategically uses both hosted predictive dialing and broadcast messaging to maximize productivity. Agents rotate from using the predictive dialer (one at a time) to answering call backs generated by broadcast messaging. Depending on the company’s contacting goal, agents make an average of 1,000 to 3,000 calls daily, with some days totaling around 8,000 calls.

The implementation of the hosted predictive dialing and broadcast messaging system has allowed A.R.M.S. to maximize agent productivity and efficiency, increase the ability to achieve specific goals and reduce overhead. The hosted dialing and broadcast messaging system allows staffing flexibility. Instead of agents staying late to make calls, IAT’s broadcast messaging makes the calls. “It’s a numbers game,” A Thomason said. “The more numbers you’re putting out there, the better.”

Adam and GeoJan initially met resistance to the new dialing technology, but after a week, all the agents were on board. “The dialer brought up the morale considerably,” A Thomason said. CT Impact was easy to use and IAT Customer Support was very helpful in training.

IAT, a Utah-based company founded in 1986, specializes in dialing technology for the collection industry and provides both site‐premised dialers and hosted solutions, with predictive dialing and IVR Messaging (broadcast messaging) capabilities.

“A.R.M.S.’s experience is typical of the response we hear every time a company makes the switch from manual dialing to using our hosted or site‐premised dialing solutions,” said Ray Fowler, IAT Director of Sales & Marketing. “Our dialing technology improves their company performance, in a measurable way, once they decide to take that first step.”

About A.R.M.S
Accounts Receivable Management Services’ (ARMS), a 25-year-old collection agency in Lufkin, Texas has been in business for more than 25 years. The company specializes in early-out, medical and commercial collections.

About IAT
IAT has been developing dialing and messaging technology to the collections industry for more than decades. Located in Salt Lake City, IAT provides products not only for the United States but internationally. IAT offers solutions for larger collection companies with its advanced CT Center product, a premier predictive dialing and IVR messaging on-site solution. CT Impact is IAT’s cutting-edge hosted solution, which provides a combination of predictive dialing and broadcast messaging without the expense of hardware.

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