Ontario Systems is hosting a free whitepaper that gives agencies a leg up when it comes to the ins and outs of a world class compliance management system. One doesn’t need an unlimited budget in order to be ahead of the game.

Thursday’s webinar will cover:

  • Key components of a CMS
  • The cost of compliance
  • The cost of non-compliance
  • The role of the third party

To give audiences a sneak peek into what the panelists will cover on Thursday, we’re sharing some bullet points below. You can get the full picture, though, and a chance to ask questions, by registering for the free webinar here!


Key Components of a Compliance Management System

•As defined by the CFPB:
–Compliance Program
–Customer (Consumer) Complaint Response
–Compliance Audits

•Board and Management oversight
•Compliance Committee
•Compliance Officer
•All Staff
•Continual revisions and improvement

Compliance Program
•Policies and Procedures
•Critical Document Repository
•Consumer Financial Laws and Regulations
•Compensation Plan
•Vendor and Service Provider Oversight
•Branches and Business Units
•Training and Testing
•Monitoring and Corrective Action

Customer Complaint Response
•CFPB Complaint Portal
•Verbal and Written Complaints
•Timely Response
•Complaint Data Aggregation
•Adjustments to Business Practices

Compliance Audits
•Ongoing Internal Assessments
•Annual External Audits
•Call Auditing and Scorecards
•Audit Results Reporting to the Highest Governing Body

Continuing the Discussion

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