The National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) announced a new executive director this summer. Mark Dobosz joined the ARM legal trade group at a very interesting time, and he has been furiously learning about the industry.

That ramp up time will be coming in handy this week as NARCA holds its annual convention beginning Wednesday. But before that, the group is hosting a symposium on the legal collection channel tomorrow in Washington, D.C.

I had the opportunity to sit down with Mark recently and ask him a little about his background and impressions of the ARM industry. Here’s what he said:

Tell me about your background. What industries have you been involved with, and what led you to those opportunities?

I have always believed that people by nature want to help each other and work together.  In every organization I have served, I was blessed with an opportunity to help impact the ways in which communities could become stronger by improving the resources and systems for the people they served.  With over 30 years in non-profit management in education, small business mentoring, healthcare, and voluntary health services, I have a deep understanding of what makes communities effective.  My background has led me to this great opportunity, and I believe we will work together through NARCA to improve the lives that we touch.

What attracted you to this industry?

I saw an opportunity to assist in helping to improve an ecosystem that is an integral part of the economy. If we can keep the system of credit healthy in our economy, then both sides – consumers and lenders – benefit from a level playing field.

Mark Dobosz

Mark Dobosz

My personal philosophy is that individuals who borrow money from others have a responsibility to repay their debt in order to keep the system of credit viable for others and for themselves in the future. Barring extenuating or unforeseen circumstances, I find something intrinsically wrong with the notion that someone would consciously think they could borrow money and believe they never have to pay back their debt.  By working to level the playing field, I believe we at NARCA are working to improve our nation’s economic health.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity facing collection attorneys today?

Like many industries that are impacted by industry contraction, increased government regulation and a further blurring of lines between the proper roles of the legislature and the courts, collection attorneys through NARCA are in a unique position to help “reset” the playing field.

As representatives of the judicial system, collection attorneys offer the ability for consumers and lenders to avail themselves of an environment where access to the legal system provides the ultimate fair and balanced approach toward conflict resolution. Additionally, collection attorneys, by virtue of their professional oath, ethics, standards, reviews and judicial oversight, can serve as the example of how an industry can and should monitor and sanction itself for the benefit of the nation.

What fun/interesting thing should we know about you personally?

I despise peanut butter and love brussel sprouts.


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