Is the fight over medical debt appearing on credit reports finally over?

Over at Forbes, I write about a possible compromise over reporting paid delinquent medical debt on credit reports, which is the driving force behind the Medical Debt Responsibility Act. Members of Congress want credit bureaus to expunge any delinquent medical debt that is paid or otherwise resolved from the credit history of consumers.

The bill was filed in the Senate in February, and  just as a similar bill is about to be introduced into the House of Representatives, a compromise may have been reached from a very unlikely source–a company that generates credit scores.

I also spoke briefly with an aide to Sen. Jeff Merkley (D.-Ore.), sponsor of the Medical Debt Responsibility Act in the Senate, and will have more of that interview as part of a special series next week called “Paying for Healthcare: The Oregon Solution.”

You can read our Forbes blog post here.


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