American Profit Recovery, a collection agency with offices in Massachusetts, Michigan and North Carolina, has announced that the Vermont Veterinary Medical Association (VVMA) has endorsed them as their recommended provider of third-party assistance on matters around accounts receivable.

Members of the VVMA are now encouraged to utilize the services of American Profit Recovery because of their flat fee Collections system as well as their ability to resolve debt diplomatically with customers of these veterinary practices. The flat fee system allows practices to keep more of the original amount which is very attractive to those in the medical field.

The collection agency has also been endorsed by other organizations in the veterinary field including the Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association and the Maine Veterinary Medical Association because of their knowledge and care in dealing with such accounts.

As many medical visits for pets are unplanned and unscheduled, more and more veterinary practices are seeing accounts go delinquent. A video explaining more of the challenges that these practice face as well as the solutions American Profit Recovery provides can be seen here:

“We understand the sensitivity in working with veterinary practices as well as working in other forms of medical collections,” states Jeff DiMatteo, a partner at American Profit Recovery. “Proper care and diplomacy must be used in helping these practices collect on overdue office fees.”

More on what American Profit recovery can offer a veterinary practice including a video can be found here:

For a free consultation with no obligation, veterinary practices can call Dale Erickson at (800) 711-0023.

American Profit Recovery (APR) is a collection agency with offices in Massachusetts, Michigan and North Carolina. Founded in 2004, APR specializes in the collection of third-party debt in industries such as medical/dental, banking, trades, lawn care and other professional services. With early intervention and a strong focus on ethics and diplomacy with consumers, APR works hard to preserve the relationship between client and consumer with an ultimate goal of keeping the business relationship intact. The firm serves approximately 3,500 clients nationwide. American Profit Recovery and their team have earned many awards including Best Places to Work in Collections, The ACA International Foundation Fellow Award and Banker and Tradesman’s Gold Readership Award.

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