As a commercial debt collection agency that serves the entire United States, C2C Resources, works with a variety of industries that have varying needs: from companies who are dealing with their first debt collection to others who are plagued with regular debt collection. C2C Resources released a sample call script today to help companies minimize bad debt.

“We help our clients minimize the need for our services by teaching them how to effectively manage their bad debt with in-house collection,” explained Todd Tinkler, President of C2C Resources. “Unfortunately during all economic times, and especially right now, there will always be bumps in the road for companies and debt collection isn’t fun. By providing companies tools we not only hope to build trust with them, but we help them minimize bad debt.”

The company suggests that after sending the invoice, businesses should make a pro-active call to confirm the receipt of the invoice for new customers or large invoices. If no response from sending the invoice, the business should send a past due reminder notice to make sure the invoice was not simply forgotten. At 30 – 45 days, the business should make their first collection call.

For collection calls, Tinkler suggests approaching each call differently depending on the tenure and history of the client. The goal is to verify that payment has not been made yet by the customer and to confirm when the customer plans on paying.

“Past due calls are typically uncomfortable, but doing them on schedule is essential to getting paid,” said Tinkler. “Wait too long and the probability of payment decreases drastically.”

For the full call script for the first collection call, visit C2C Resource’s most recent blog post at: To download C2C Resource’s full Credit and Collection Handbook with top tips to manage and minimize bad debt, visit

C2C Resources is a global Commercial Debt Collection agency headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. The company collects commercial debt on behalf of their over 20,000 clients and is considered one of the top agencies in the country. The executive team at C2C brings more than 60 years of experience helping businesses collect their accounts receivable.

C2C’s powerful combination of Profit Maximizer, InfoMax Collection System, and Legal Forwarding Edge, can help your company be more effective with your own in-house collecting and maximize recovery of accounts turned over for collection.

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