Five Ways to Eat Your Competition for Lunch

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A New Economic Reality…and a New Way to Work

Ontario Systems wants to help give your business a competitive edge in this new economic reality: the ingredients that will serve your competition up for lunch!


It’s no secret: it’s tough out there and bottom lines are being squeezed. Unemployment rateshave not dipped below 8% since 2008. The growth in high deductible healthcare plans is forcing consumers to bear higher medical costs; and student loan debt, atnearly $1 trillion, has now become a bigger consumer concern than credit cards.

Detailing five capabilities, Ontario Systems wants to ensure that you’re in control and that you and all of your collectors are working smarter. Those who effectively embed these five capabilities in their businesses will replace the old ways of managing collections, and roll out systems that put leaders in complete command of the complexities of today’s collection environment.


1) Perfect Your Secret Formula – Those who rise to the top will put their secret sauce to the test, creating subsets of accounts and making slight modifications to their working formulas, using data to “tweak” and refine their secret sauce.

2) Command Your Collection Strategy – You can’t afford to have unproductive assets. An efficient, effective system ensures accounts are consistently reviewed, appropriate action is taken, and accounts don’t slip through the cracks.

3) End the Compliance Nightmare – Current integrated environments leave opportunities for exposure and loopholes, creating nightmares for collections leaders.

4) Unlock Accumulated Intel – Each incremental step you take in analyzing your collections data is a dramatic step in the right direction, but it is a complex and difficult task.

5) Present Comprehensive Collector Screens – Insist your collectors have all of the tools they need to be successful including having the most important and pertinent information about accounts at their finger-tips.


By the time you’re finished with this whitepaper, you will learn practical tools to serve your competition for lunch! Using systems that guide you through this new highly regulated, chaotic environment and allow you to create a new competitive edge will catapult you over those who refuse to change.

Michael Klozotsky

Michael Klozotsky
Chief Content Officer,

To download any of's free whitepapers or view on-demand webinars, log in or register for an account below.

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