Phillips & Cohen Associates Australia Opens for Business

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Phillips & Cohen Associates International, Ltd. the global arm of the industry’s leading deceased recovery specialist today announced the formal opening of its Australian operation, headquartered in Melbourne, with the announcement of its Australian business leader.

The group, which has delivered market leading compassionate recovery solutions since 1997, has six other offices in the US, Canada and the UK, and will be launching in Australia imminently.

Phillips & Cohen Associates are delighted to announce that the Australian operation will be run by Don Coulthard, a highly credentialed industry executive with 20 years experience leading major companies in the Australian collection industry. Don was also the founding Chairman of the Australian Collectors and Debt Buyers Association.

In commenting on his decision to lead the Australian business Don noted, “Phillips & Cohen Associates has an impeccable record across the globe in providing highly specialized deceased recovery services to major financial institutions and I am certain that their best in class techniques and tools will be welcomed by the Australian market. The Phillips & Cohen Associates approach to recovery not only produces incremental revenue but also enhances client brand reputation by providing a best in class, compassionate service at the most sensitive of times in the credit management cycle.”

Nick Cherry, Managing Director of parent company, Phillips & Cohen Associates International, Ltd. commented, “Key to our international expansion was identifying a dynamic and experienced business leader who fully understands the Australian recovery industry and who can best convey the revenue and customer experience benefits of our uniquely compassionate processes to our potential client base.  Don has a track record of delivering exceptional service to clients within the debt recovery space and we are excited to have him on board.”

Co-Chairman/CEO, Adam S. Cohen, added “We are excited to have Don as the leader of our Australian business and are looking forward to bringing our unique service to the Australian credit industry.  Don shares our vision for growth and we are delighted to have identified a leader who is aligned with our business ethics and leadership style.”

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