Billing Tree Webinar Examines Latest in Payment Processing, Debt Collection

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As part of its annual survey of technology adoption in the debt industry, one particular topic jumped out as worth a deeper dive: what are collection agencies doing around payment processing, and what are some pitfalls everyone should be mindful of?

This question could not come at a better time — specifically since much has been made of a recent Consumer Financial Protection Bureau civil action against several alleged debt collection companies and their vendors — specifically, payment processors.

This Thursday, BillingTree is hosting a free webinar at 2.00 p.m. Eastern that focuses on, among other topics, what is the current state of payment processing in the industry?

Click here to register for Thursday’s webinar!

The agenda includes:

  • Overview of recent CFPB complaints – IA
    • The recent CFPB complaint and how far reaching it could become
  • Key Survey findings and surprises
    • Biggest Compliance concerns
    • Paper Check Acceptance – why checks are still relevant
    • Compliance benefits and concerns
    • Conversion to e-check for electronic processing and the benefits
    • Check 21 vs ACH
    • Paper check drafts, Recurring payments and Reg E
  • Convenience Fee impact
  • Alternative payment to allow charging of fees when are allowed in your state
  •  Q & A

Registration is free — so don’t miss this informative broadcast!

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