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Compliance is a hands-on job. Background information is seldom enough. Get, real, practical and detailed answers to your pressing compliance questions.

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Even the sharpest compliance professionals can’t think of everything. Find out what you’re missing with the Compliance Professionals Forum.

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When you can identify multiple, critical weaknesses in your compliance program and fix them, you’re protecting your company from real risk and saving it tens of thousands of dollars. You’re also living your best professional life.

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  • Free, immediate access to industry intelligence on emerging compliance practices around the industry. The centerpiece is our monthly Benchmark Report, which includes details on how other firms are handing common compliance challenges and actual policy language and tools firms are using to meet these challenges right now
  • Comprehensive reference guides on issues that impact your job, such as the CFPB Consent Order Report and the State Law Grid
  • Alerts to what's new, pressing, and immediately necessary to keep you in line with regulatory requirements
  • Monthly moderated conference calls with other compliance professionals where operational, legal, regulatory, and practical compliance information is shared
  • Access to other CPF members' insight and experience, effectively increasing your compliance department by over 200 additional employees

Who belongs?

  • Debt collection agencies
  • Collection law firms
  • Consumer lenders
  • Healthcare providers
  • Credit card companies
  • Retailers
  • Utilities
  • Vendors may join CPF, but may not participate in peer group discussions.

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