Online negotiation, payment by text and online payment portals continue to grow in popularity with both consumers and receivables management organizations. When a consumer is ready to make a payment, it is important your organization be able to accept it, using a method the consumer prefers at that moment.

RevSpring is sponsoring a Webinar to discuss the various electronic payment channels available to boost consumer responses and payments. The Webinar also will address risk mitigation strategies and compliance issues, including Reg E when accepting recurring ACH payments.

The hour-long Webinar will be hosted on Thursday September 19 at 2 p.m. EDT. This is the next installment in a series of Webinars on “Building a Multi-Channel Strategy.” Click here to register or contact for more information.

Previous Webinars in the series are available online and include:

Designing for Consumer Response

Suppressing Undeliverable Mail

Harnessing the Power of Electronic Communication

RevSpring was formed by the merger of DANTOM Systems, PSC Info Group, BestBill and Data Image. Its core service offerings include data hygiene and analytics, secure document creation and delivery, multi-channel communications, electronic billing and archival services and online payment tools, all while ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines. RevSpring facilitates over one billion customer interactions annually. It serves a large and diverse customer base across the receivables management, healthcare, financial services, home services and other end-markets.

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