Winners and Rankings Announced in 2013 Best Places to Work in Collections Program

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  • RSS today released the final rankings for all companies honored in its sixth annual Best Places to Work in Collections program, sponsored in 2013 by IAT SmartDial.

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  • avatar mike kaufmann says:

    I think its both humorous and sad that on the same page as “The best places to work in collections” inside arm has sold advertising to consumer attorneys saying “we sue debt collectors”

  • avatar Patrick Lunsford says:

    Mike, that particular ad is being served by Google within the mapping tool we used. We get nothing for that at all. Google’s ad servers are reading the content within the tool and delivering the most relevant ad that has been paid for.

    I think it’s sadder (and more telling) that among Google’s vast network of advertisers, the ad most relevant to pages discussing debt collection agencies is urging people to sue collectors. It shows who is spending the money for online advertising.

  • avatar mike kaufmann says:

    Thanks for the clarification Patrick

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