Minnesota Debt Collection Laws: Explore Minnesota

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Today, March 7, 2013, The National List of Attorneys published the white paper on debt collection law in Minnesota, submitted by Todd Gurstel, Chief Executive Officer; Amy M. Goltz, Director of Retail Litigation; and Daniel J. Berhard, Associate, of the law firm of Gurstel Chargo. The firm has been a member of The National List since 1994.

In 1997, Gurstel Chargo was formed in Minneapolis to assist businesses with their fiscally-driven matters. Throughout the years, the firm has expanded in practice discipline and growth to include offices in Arizona, Iowa, and most recently in Nebraska. The firm is business-focused, with three business lines that include retail collections, commercial collections and financial recovery. The practice blend is structured to provide clients with sophisticated and occasionally unlikely solutions to their fiscally-driven matters. One hundred percent of the practice is dedicated to debt collection.

Todd Gurstel received his Juris Doctor from the University of Minnesota Law School. He has been working in the debt collection industry for 25 years. He says that debt collection work has “taught me how we can actually help people in these situations and make a difference.” He enjoys working with clients and the people in his office to resolve “the constant challenges that we face.” He has won awards as Certified Creditors’ Rights Specialist and Super Lawyer.

Todd Gurstel

Todd Gurstel

Todd says creditors need to know that “Minnesota is a ‘serve first’ state, which means an action is commenced upon service and not upon filing. Because approximately forty percent of Minnesota’s population resides outside the greater Minneapolis – St. Paul metropolitan area, the choice of effective service methods can be an important consideration. Unless otherwise ordered by the court, the sheriff or any other person, not less than eighteen years of age and not a party to the action, may make service of a summons or other process, thereby commencing the suit.”

Amy M. Goltz, the director of retail litigation, practiced at a national collection law firm for several years prior to joining Gurstel Chargo. Amy is admitted to practice in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Nebraska and the U.S. District Court for the District of Minnesota. Amy earned her Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law, where she graduated with honors.

Daniel J. Bernhard, an associate in the firm’s retail litigation department, served for several years as a judicial law clerk for the Chief Civil Judge in Hennepin County District Court. Daniel earned his Juris Doctor from William Mitchell College of Law, where he graduated with honors.

Todd and his firm are active in:

Outside of work, Gurstel Chargo provides all kinds of service to the community, along with mandated volunteer work for all of their attorneys and staff. Some of the organizations they serve include Feed My Staving Children, Sholom Home and Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People (VEAP).

The National List thanks Todd, Amy and Daniel for submitting this paper and allowing us to get to know them a little better. You can access the paper at http://www.nationallist.com/white_papers/minnesota.

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