Florida Debt Collection Laws: Discover Your Own Back Yard

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Today, February 15, 2013, The National List of Attorneys published the white paper on debt collection law in Florida, written by attorney Justin D. Jacobson and his law firm Jacobson, Sobo & Moselle.

Justin D. Jacobson is an attorney with the Plantation, FL, law firm of Jacobson, Sobo & Moselle. The firm has been listed with NL since 1994, nearly 20 years. Established in 1971 by James Cary Jacobson, they practice exclusively in debt collection. In 2000, Robin Moselle merged her firm, Sobo, Levine & Moselle, with the Jacobson firm. Justin D. Jacobson joined the firm in 1997 and became Managing Partner in 2010. They focus on commercial claims, with a specialization in post-judgment work, including proceedings supplementary, handling cases throughout Florida. They pride themselves on their efficiency and effectiveness, investing significant time and resources to keep the firm on the cutting edge of technology.

Justin says, “Florida has a reputation as being a very debtor-friendly state and a challenging state for collections. While it does permit a variety of significant personal exemptions, they are not absolute. Moreover, it also has a variety of policies that make collection against corporate entities more viable. In some ways, Florida can be difficult terrain compared to its neighbors; in other ways, it can be very productive.” He thinks that media reporting on legal issues is invariably skewed and he “takes it all with a grain of salt.”

Justin Jacobson

Justin Jacobson

Justin lives in Plantation with his wife and two daughters, Jadyn, 7, and Jara, 5. He attended Princeton University and the Duke University School of Law. He has worked in the debt collection industry for 15 years. He loves the people he works with and says they are what he enjoys most about his job. He belongs to the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA), the National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys (NARCA) and the Florida Creditor’s Bar Association.

Outside of collections, Jacobson, Sobo & Moselle runs an annual fundraiser for Shriner’s Hospitals for Children, in addition to supporting a variety of local charities. Outside of work, Justin enjoys writing, cooking, and game design.

The National List thanks Justin for submitting this paper and for giving us the chance to get to know him a little better. Florida’s state slogan is “Discover Your Own Back Yard.” You’ll want to discover more about debt collection laws in what Justin says can be “a very debtor-friendly state.” You can access the paper at http://www.nationallist.com/white_papers/florida.

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