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This new report from Ontario Systems is used to explain how the size (huge) and dynamics (complex) of the student loan market can be used as an opportunity for debt collectors to get involved in the marketplace, either as government contractors, as subcontractors to agencies already working with the government or as their own unique entity.


Student Loan Collection: Snapshots and Strategies

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Circuit Court: Collection Letter from Law Firm Demanding Payment Violates FDCPA

In a split decision, the First Circuit Court of Appeals last week upheld a lower court ruling that a collection letter send by a law firm violated the FDCPA because it gave the impression that the consumer could not dispute the debt and that payment was the only option to avoid litigation.

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The National Consumer Law Center released a pretty one-sided report about the role debt collectors play in collecting student loan debt for the Department of Education. But fear not: Student loan collection is a viable market, no matter how “icky” some might believe it to be. That’s why we created our new report, Student Loans – A Primer, which provides a snapshot of the student loan industry so that collectors can see where there is the greatest opportunity for growth in the market, and how compliance and “consumer first” thinking are mindsets that can ultimately boost ROI.

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