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Compliance Master Series Vol. 1

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Compliance Master Series, Vol. 1


Regulatory compliance is an issue that’s only going to get more expansive, more detailed and more important for everyone in the debt collection industry. Not only do federal (and state!) regulators expect debt collectors to have compliance parameters in place, but they also expect collection agencies to prove that their policies and practices are working.

But that doesn’t mean compliance has to get more expensive. More than two-thirds of collection agencies say they plan to spend less than 25 percent of their budget on compliance costs, and with that strategy, it’s critical to make every dollar count.

That’s why has compiled its Compliance Overviews – detailed reports about how to comply with specific laws, rules and regulations in debt collection – into the Compliance Master Series: a low-cost, one-stop solution for learning about the most pressing compliance topics in 2014. Use these reports as a training tool for your company, or as the start to a self-audit of your policies and practices to make sure they’re on solid legal ground. Save $425 compared to the cost of buying each individual report.

When you purchase the Compliance Master Series, you get access to SIX Compliance Overview titles:

  • Regulation E (Sample) (Buy this Separately)
    • This report is the first of its kind to provide real-world tools for the debt collection industry to comply with Regulation E. Follow our compliance checklist to see how your policies hold up against federal scrutiny. Use our terms and conditions template as a foundation for language that’s compliant and consumer-friendly. Learn how the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s new rule on foreign remittance transfers changes disclosure requirements.
  • TCPA (Sample) (Buy this Separately)
    • Compliance Overview: TCPA offers a comprehensive analysis of the TCPA’s evolution in the collection industry, plus real-world tools to combat legal troubles. Learn the top 10 things your company can do right now to ensure compliance. Use sample scripts to develop legally sound and effective voicemail messages. Understand the key court cases that shape how the TCPA is interpreted for debt collectors.
  • UDAAP (Sample) (Buy this Separately)
    • Compliance Overview: UDAAP gives your collection agency actionable information about why UDAAP compliance matters and how to master it. Get the top 10 compliance tips, sourced from industry experts, to make sure your agency and vendors are keeping up with UDAAP requirements. Learn how the CFPB identifies and penalizes UDAAP violations with real-world examples. Use our comprehensive checklists to ensure your compliance management system goes above and beyond the requirements for a CFPB examination.
  • FCRA (Sample) (Buy this Separately)
    • This report offers tools and tips for the debt collection industry to comply with FCRA. Follow our compliance checklist on Red Flag Rules. See common remedies for FCRA violations. Learn how to report to Equifax, Experian, TransUnion, and Innovis.
  • GLBA/Regulation P (Sample) (Buy this Separately)
    • We’ve compiled the latest legal thinking and real-world compliance tools into Compliance Overview: GLBA/Regulation P. Learn how your company’s relationship with consumers impacts your compliance obligations – before the CFPB has to tell you. Use our model privacy notice outline to draft disclosures that may protect you from legal scrutiny. Understand what the CFPB looks for in an examination before an agent knocks on your company’s door.
  • PCI-DSS 2014 Edition (Sample) (Buy this Separately)
    • Compliance Overview: PCI-DSS, 2014 Edition takes you step-by-step through everything your collection agency needs to do to pass muster with PCI DSS. Get a complete checklist of all the changes in PCI DSS Version 3.0, including when they go into effect. Learn how to keep cardholder information secure if you’re a shared hosting provider. Understand what makes a compensating control go “above and beyond” PCI DSS.

You'll Learn:

  • How do these regulations specifically impact the debt collection industry, as opposed to other financial services?
  • How does the CFPB play a role in enforcing these statues, and is that role going to change?
  • Where can I find federal (and/or state) records or interpretations of these regulations?
  • …and much more!

Stay tuned for Compliance Master Series Vol. 2, containing all new 2014 reports, in Fall/Winter 2014.