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(This product is approved for DBA International Certification Credit. As a reminder, the deadline for debt buying companies to receive their CPRC designation is February 29, 2016.)

Technology touches every aspect of our business. The real question is, are we managing our technology or is our technology managing us and, by default, our business?

Firms need to think about the various ways failing to manage technology can cost you real money. There are some practical ideas you can implement that will help you improve your technology compliance and, over time, limit your company’s regulatory exposure and reduce the overall cost of litigation.

This To the Point distills the information presented in our insideCompliance webinar. It comes complete with a link to the full video recording of the webinar -- great for use for all-staff trainings and quarterly in-services -- as well as a Certificate of Completion and the full transcript of the webinar. This is a great resource for tracking training, allowing regulators and clients to see your agency's commitment to continuing compliance and education!

Product: PDF Download, including link to webinar video and Certificate of Completion

Pages: 63 pp

Published: October 2015

Table of Contents

  • About the Presenters

  • Schelli Ward, Consultant

  • Javier Alvarado, TransUnion

  • How to Use This To the Point Guide

  • Speaking in Tongues

  • Synergy All Around

  • Using the data you have

  • Segmentation and Liquidity

  • Building in the Compliance Piece

  • Systemic Controls and Processes

  • Understanding the data

  • All You Ever Needed to Know about Scrubs

  • Letters are critical

  • Credit Reporting

  • Use it or lose it

  • The End of the Line-Audits

  • Change Is the Only Constant

  • Appendix A: insideCompliance Transcript

  • Appendix B: insideCompliance Slide Deck


Schelli Ward, Consultant: Schelli is a private consultant with 18 years’ experience in the accounts receivable industry, most recently working as a Vice President of Operational Compliance for a large market participant with a global footprint. Her extensive background in both technology and compliance uniquely equip her to her implement processes and controls to ensure systemic compliance with state and federal regulations in all consumer facing areas. Some key areas of experience include: regulatory review processes, dialing controls, business handling rules, letters, credit reporting, licensing, new business launch, call quality monitoring and audit experience..

Javier Alvarado, TransUnion: Javier Alvarado is a Business Solution and Product Development Manager with 20 years of experience in the Financial Services industry. His specialties include e-commerce, information & analytics reporting, business development, process reengineering, strategic planning and operations.