Persolvo COO Named to Board of the American Fair Credit Council

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Persolvo Data Systems, a leading provider of web-based settlement software and analytics tools designed to locate, identify and settle accounts enrolled in debt settlement programs, announced today that The American Fair Credit Council (AFCC), the leading association of consumer credit has named Teresa Dodson, Chief Operating Officer of Persolvo, to its executive board.

Ms. Dodson brings to the Council her experience in managing three of the largest debt settlement companies in the industry. As COO at Persolvo, Dodson has worked to bridge the gap between the debt settlement industry and creditors and collectors by delivering Persolvo’s web-based settlement solution to many of the nation’s largest credit card issuers, debt buyers and legal recovery firms.

“Teresa will offer a unique perspective to the AFCC Executive Board and its member companies, and we are very fortunate to have her join us,” said Robby Birnbaum, AFCC President. ”She will be able to share her knowledge and understanding of the accounts receivable management industry to help create more meaningful and productive relationships between creditors, collectors and the AFCC member companies and their clients.”

“It’s always been my goal at Persolvo to help consumers burdened by overwhelming debt in seeking a negotiated resolution that allows them to manage their financial obligations in a credible manner,” commented Dodson. “I’m looking forward to working with an organization that focuses on guiding consumers to companies that are held to the highest ethical standards in our industry so that good people who have encountered financial challenges can receive fair treatment while they resolve their debt.”

Dodson went on to note that she fully supports the policies and practices of the AFCC as it relates to marketing practices, a performance-based compensation model for member companies and a transparent audit and review process to ensure compliance with the association’s Code of Conduct.

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