Debt Collectors Gone Wild? What The Media Doesn’t Know

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It’s a common template in most media coverage of the debt collection industry: focus on one consumer’s horror story involving someone trying to collect a debt, perhaps complete with a recording. Then have a law enforcement official discuss the case and debt collectors in general. Lastly, through in consumer complaint numbers about the entire ARM industry. Presto! Every collection agency in the world obviously behaves this way.

But as most in the industry know, the people on the other end of the offending call often are not real debt collectors. They may be trying to collect a debt, but they don’t work for a properly-licensed debt collection agency. They are mostly likely criminals attempting to squeeze whatever money they can out of random consumers.

In the latest episode of the ARM legal podcast The Debt Collection Drill, attorneys John Rossman and Mike Poncin discuss recent media “horror stories” about criminals posing as debt collectors and provide a simple and effective solution for every debt industry company to improve its mistaken image.

Listen to the 12 minute podcast below:

Debt Collectors Gone Wild?

(if you can’t see the player above, listen to the clip at

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