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Want Fewer Denials, Faster Reimbursement? Improve Your Clearinghouse Relationship

14 October 2013

4 Metrics to Measure the Performance of Medical Debt Collection Agencies

10 October 2013

Don't Sign Any Contract with a Collection Agency Until You Read This!

9 October 2013

Giving Patients 'Informed Consent' of Their Financial Obligations

8 October 2013

Three Tips to Help Patients Avoid Fraud from Health Insurance Exchanges

26 September 2013

The 3 Things Every (Great) Hospital Learns from Its Patient Calls

24 September 2013

Hold Off Directing Patients to Health Insurance Exchanges

18 September 2013

How Best to Effectively Outsource Self-Pay Follow-Up and Collections?

16 September 2013

Small Balance Adjustments: An Effective Tool for Resolving Patient Accounts?

16 September 2013

Webinar and Whitepaper Look at Solutions to Healthcare Revenue Challenges

16 September 2013

Health Insurance Exchanges: Helping Patients Find the Best Fit

10 September 2013

Is it Too Late for Healthcare Collection Standards for Patient Debt?

4 September 2013

Deadline Extended for Medical Collection Guidelines Feedback

3 September 2013

Saying 'No' to Pharma Reps: One Clinic's Story

30 August 2013

HFMA, ACA Seek Your Input on Universal Medical Collection Guidelines

28 August 2013

Four Steps to Avoiding ICD-10 Tragedy: Inform, Assign, Engage, Prepare

26 August 2013

Providers Will Find Medicaid Eligibility a Moving Target in 2014

22 August 2013

Critical Access Hospitals: Finding Additional Pairs of Hands

19 August 2013

'Finding the Bleed' to Cut Bad Debt

15 August 2013

Four Best Practices You Should Have Now to Reduce Bad Debt

14 August 2013