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Medicare, Health Insurance Exchanges Unaffected by Shutdown

1 October 2013

CMS Explains How Hospitals Must Document Inpatient Status for Reimbursement

16 September 2013

Hunting the Healthcare Financial Time Bomb: Coding and Billing

13 September 2013

Washington Post 'Clarifies' Story About Uninsured and Obamacare

12 September 2013

Health Insurance Exchanges: Helping Patients Find the Best Fit

10 September 2013

CMS to Push RACs Harder to Root out Fraud

9 September 2013

Comments Pour into CMS on Medicare Physician Fee Schedule

6 September 2013

Providers May Bear Burden for 'One-Size-Fits-All' Insurance Exchanges

5 September 2013

Deadline Extended for Medical Collection Guidelines Feedback

3 September 2013

CMS Releases Final IPPS Rules for 2013-14

27 August 2013

Four Steps to Avoiding ICD-10 Tragedy: Inform, Assign, Engage, Prepare

26 August 2013

Providers Will Find Medicaid Eligibility a Moving Target in 2014

22 August 2013

Are Some Hospitals Attempting to Profit from Victims of Accidents?

20 August 2013

Critical Access Hospitals: Finding Additional Pairs of Hands

19 August 2013

Inspector General Proposes Decertifying Most Critical Access Hospitals

16 August 2013

'Finding the Bleed' to Cut Bad Debt

15 August 2013

Four Best Practices You Should Have Now to Reduce Bad Debt

14 August 2013

Three Pillars of Hospital Bad Debt Management

13 August 2013

Physicians Dropping Medicare -- What Do They Know?

1 August 2013

House Committee Releases SGR Reform Proposal

29 July 2013