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Nevada Expands Collection Agency Licensing Requirements

5 July 2023

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14 Calls in 22 Days is Reasonable, Says Court

29 June 2023

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CFPB Announces Consent Order with Third-Party Collector of Medical Debt

14 June 2023

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Legal Advisory Board Members Discuss Current Litigation Trends, State Issues, and Standing

8 June 2023

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Legal Advisory Board Members Discuss Hunstein, the CFPB, and Omnichannel Communication

22 May 2023

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Sending Docs After the Validation Period Expires? One Court Says, No

19 April 2023

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Double Reporting Leads to Denial of Summary Judgment in Illinois FCRA Case

27 March 2023

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Visa’s New Merchant Category Code and What it Means for Your Company

21 March 2023

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Looking Back on 2022: A Dynamic Year for the ARM Industry

19 December 2022

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Breaking Down the CFPB's Opinion on Convenience Fees [Sponsored]

8 December 2022

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What Creditors and Medical Services Providers Need to Know About D.C.’s Amended Debt Collection Law

17 November 2022

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Technology is Key to Compliance & Self-Service: An Interview with Finvi

15 November 2022

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Defeating Credit Repair Organizations - Recent Win in FL Case Highlights Successful Strategies

3 November 2022

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CFPB Issues Advisory Opinion to Consumer Reporting Agencies to Remove “Facially False Data” to Maintain FCRA Compliance

2 November 2022

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A Guide to Building a Robust Vendor Management Program in Collections

6 October 2022

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Debunked! Four Compliance Myths and Misconceptions for Collections

29 September 2022

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“Routine Practice Evidence” Carries the Day for TCPA Defendant on Summary Judgment

22 September 2022

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How Integrated Resourcing Addresses Increased Costs and Declining Revenues

20 September 2022

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Hunstein Isn't Over: 4 Things You Need to Know

12 September 2022

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UDAAP Frenzy: The CFPB’s Focus on Data and Why it Matters to the ARM Industry

30 August 2022